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We thank the 100 musicians who have played in our
orchestral concerts.
They come from 35 different countries.
Most of them are graduates from prestigious music colleges such as the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal College of Music or the Guildhall.


Julian Azkoul (UK/Lebanon)

Violeta Barrena (Spain/Switz.)

Birgit Born (Estonia)

Miles Brett (UK)

Anna Caban (Poland)

Ingrid Clement (UK)

Abigail Dance (UK)

Lison Favard (France)

Essa Flett (Scotland)

Ioana Forna (Romania)

Madlena Georgieva (Bulgaria)

Eleanor Harrison (UK)

Akiko Ishikawa (Japan)

Charis Jenson (UK)

Piotr Jordan (Poland)

Essi Kiiski (Finland)

Barbara Krajewska (Poland)

Anna Kuk (Poland)

Lyri Milgram (Canada)

Eorann O'Connor (Ireland)

Jacob Reina Caro (Spain)

Marie Schreer (Germany)

Konstancja Smolorz (Poland)

Tzu Fan Tang (Taiwan/S. Afr.)

Andrea Timpanaro (Italy)

Iulian Turicianu (Romania)

Anastasia Vaina (Greece)


Ana Teresa Alves (Portugal)

Natasha Cheng (Hong Kong)

Nichola Joy Blakey (UK)

Hatem Kiwan (Syria)

Kaya Kuwabara (Japan)

Gerardo Mendez (Mexico)

Elin Parry (Wales)

Kesari Pundarika (UK)

Cecile Ross (Australia)

Anastasia Sofina (Russia)


Theo Bently Curtin (UK)

Hattie Butterworth (UK)

Ellen Casey (Scotland)

Jennifer Casi (Cuba)

Corentin Chassard (France)

Joseph Donmall (UK)

Carina Drury (Ireland)

Alexandra Fletcher (UK)

Sophie Gledhill (UK)

Anais Laugenie (France)

Vanessa Lucas-Smith (UK)

Melody Lin (Taiwan)

Romain Malan (France)

Simona Mannu (Italy)

George Pasca (Romania)


Giuseppe Ciraso Cali (Italy)

Elena Marigomez (Spain)

Ria Nolan (Ireland)

Shannon St Luce (UK)


Maria Avila (Spain)

Toni Berg (Hong Kong)

Alenka Bogataj (Slovenia)

Lindsey Fillingham (South Afr.)

Corinne Larzul (U.S./France)

Martina Mihulkova (Cz. Rep.)

Sara Minelli (Italy)

Frederico Paixao (Portugal)

Tatiana Righini (Belarus)

Gabriel Santos (Argentina)

Faye Saunders (Australia)


Nicola Barbagli (Italy)

Paul Crew (UK)

Maria Papathanasiou (Greece)

Myfanwy Price (Wales)

Julia White (UK) 


Isabella Fletcher (UK)

Anna Hashimoto (Japan)

Jack Horrocks (UK)

Camellia Johnson (Hong Kong)

Jordi Juan (Spain)

Adrian Somogyi (Hungary)


Barney Samson-Ledger (UK)


Cyrill Ibrahim (Netherlands)

Ravi Palanisamy (UK)


William Brown (US)

Sarah Mann (UK)

Peter Thornton (Scotland)


Sarah Johnson (UK)

Cendrine Lambert (France)

Ludovico Maletti (Italy)

Nick Mooney (Australia)

Raoul Neumann (UK)

Brendan Parravicini (Australia)

Alex Regan (UK)

Arianne Rooney (Australia)

Pablo Urbina (Spain)


Christina Marroni (Scotland)

Phil Pike (UK)

Anne Vernier (France)


Emily Baines (UK)

William Summers (UK)


Haneen Kiwan (Syria)

Mohamed Sarrar (Sudan)


              Romain Malan's CV from A to Z:

  • A rtistic Director/Conductor of the World Harmony Orchestra

  • B achelor of Music at the Royal College of Music (July 2012/1st class)

  • C ellist who began age 5, studied in Music Conservatoires in France 

  • D iplomas: ‘Musical Studies’ (Rouen); ‘Perfectionnement’, ‘Excellence’ (Rueil-Malmaison); ’Orchestral Musician’ (Paris Regional Conservatoire)

  • E clectic musician: classical (freelance cellist), pop (’Diversion’ cello sextet), rock (‘The 286′), jazz (‘ArchiPol’ and ‘Judith jazz trio’), folk

  • F acilitator leading community choirs at ‘Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants’ and ‘Core Arts’ (mental health charity)

  • G oldsmiths College: Masters in Participatory and Community Arts (September 2013), distinction for dissertation

  • H earth: socio-musical project which he founded in 2013

  • n Harmony Lower Strings Specialist: worked two days a week for Sistema England in a primary school in Nottingham in 2014/2015

  • unior Artist in Residence at Ark Schools: Strings specialist since 2013, tutoring young people from underprivileged areas of London

  • K nowledge: attended classes in Music Theory, Aural, Analysis, Historical and Stylstic Studies, Professional Skills, Composition

  • eadership: studied conducting at the Royal College of Music in the class of Natalia Luis-Bassa (2010-2012) and founded WHO in 2016

  • M aster-classes with cellists Helene Dautry, Julian Lloyd-Webber, Johannes Goritzki, Raphael Wallfisch

  • N ormandie: French region where he  and his musicianship grew up 

  • O rchestra: did the only course in France for professional orchestral musicians, currently a freelance orchestral cellist in London

  • P iano: studied at Rouen Music Conservatoire, leads choirs from the piano 

  • Q uality: aims to achieve great results whatever the context is

  • R efugee Choir: leads the choir at Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants

  • S ocial musician: empowering people through music making

  • eacher: gives private cello/piano tuition, taught for Nottingham and Tower Hamlets Music Services, Fecamp and Dieppe music conservatoires

  • U seful: sharing his passion, experience and skills with everyone

  • V enues where he performed include Salle Pleyel (Paris), Cadogan Hall, Royal Festival Hall, St John’s Smith Square

  • W rites songs for the Refugee Choir from Islington Centre and WHO

  • X ylophone: incorporates percussion into performances

  • Y outh: experienced leader working with children and young people

  • Z en: patient, calm, diplomatic, self-critical, lucid

Concerts Coordinator

Eleanor Harrison is a graduate of the Royal College of Music where she studied violin with Yossi Zivoni and was inspired to take up baroque violin with Adrian Butterfield. She was awarded a scholarship to study baroque and classical violin at the Royal Academy of Music where she graduated with a PGDip distinction. She won the RAM Friends Prize for chamber music and later held a Leverhulme Junior Fellowship with the ensemble, ‘Four Temperaments’. Eleanor has performed many times on BBC Radio 3 and at festivals throughout the UK and Europe as a soloist and chamber musician. She has played with orchestras including the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Florilegium, Gabrieli Consort, the Hanover Band, The London Handel Orchestra, English Touring Opera, London Early Opera and L'Avventura London.

Eleanor also has training and experience as an actor and has led orchestras for productions including Bristol Old Vic’s ‘Coram Boy’ directed by Melly Still from the National Theatre. She performed in 'All the Angels' at the Globe Theatre and is currently writing her first play. She has taught violin and baroque violin for several years, both in schools and individual lessons and given workshops in baroque style. She currently works as a violin teacher for the charity ‘London Music Masters'. Eleanor is honoured to assist with the planning of concerts and projects run by the World Harmony Orchestra, whose work she is privileged to support.

Marketing consultant

Cyrill Ibrahim is a concert pianist who lives in London. Born in the Netherlands in 1984, he started playing the piano at the age of seven, and enrolled at the age of 18 at the Rotterdam Conservatory.

He graduated as a Bachelor of Music with Distinction. In 2009, the pianist Paolo Giacometti offered him a place at the Utrecht Conservatory to follow the Master of Music programme. He studied there for a year before moving to the United Kingdom. Cyrill graduated from the RCM after undertaking the Master’s Degree in Performance under the tutelage of Professor Andrew Ball. The Dutch Government showed its faith in Cyrill’s skills as a pianist by offering him a full Huygen’s Scholarship for the entirety of his studies at the RCM.

He participated in the masterclass of the Portuguese pianist Maria Joao Pires at the Karma Ling Institute in France. In addition to this, he studied at the Birmingham Piano Academy, Chetham’s Summer School, the Lucca Estate and the Orchestral Conducting Course that is run by Antonio Ros Marba in Spain. Over the years, he has received tuition from, among others, Philip Fowke, Peter Donohoe, Ruth Nye, Matthias Kirschnereit, Dr. Robert Markham, Malcolm Wilson, John Humpreys and Katarzyna Popowa-Zydron and Steven Osborne. He has performed both as a soloist and chamber recitalist on the national and international stage in halls such as the Berliner Philharmonie and Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

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