Our 'Cuppa Concerts' reach out to people who are isolated and shielding for various reasons which may be barriers to them accessing cultural events: elderly living on their own at home or in care homes, people with dementia, people suffering from mental or physical illnesses, who have disabilities, are immunocompromised including young people and children, those who are suffering from the virus (receiving online concerts) and those recovering from it (receiving live concerts, where it is safe to do so). 

Our free or  ‘pay-what-you-can’ concerts are accessible to all.


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This project is supported by a grant from the Arts Council, but relies partially on donations from our audiences and supporters.
Please donate here if you can, this will be greatly appreciated:

We began these 'Cuppa Concerts' before the Covid-19 situation arose after being awarded a grant from Signomatic.

The original idea was to bring concerts to people's homes but we adapted the concept to abide by lockdown rules and gave socially distanced performances outdoors instead of indoors.

Our professional musicians come from all over the world and represent an eclectic mix of singers, instrumentalists and musical genres. Audience members can request some of their favourite pieces or genres or discover new ones. They can also chat with the musicians over a socially distanced ‘Cuppa' (musicians bring their own for safety reasons).

Live concerts are prioritised when it is safe to do so as they have a therapeutic power to lift spirits and have a ripple effect which extends to relatives devastated at not being able to see their loved ones. Musicians can also record and send concerts by video when a live performance cannot happen.

We also provide this service in healthcare settings such as care homes, hospices, hospitals, as well as in community centres.

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Pre-Lockdown 'Cuppa Concerts'

Sing along with Brocals Hackney (elderly men)                          Blue House Club (Elizabeth House community centre)

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                         Ravi and Romain at Ellenor Hospice                                            Rose for SeeThrough Theatre project (elderly people)